Do not argue with technical support

July 15, 2009

If your photography skills are anything like mine, get used to seeing the following three sentences:
“Your photograph did not reach our desired level of aesthetic quality” – Fotolia
“Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposure” – Dreamstime
“We found the overall composition of this file’s lighting could be improved” – istock

The only agency who takes everything is Canstockphoto. My acceptance rates are pretty poor at the moment, but I know it is because I need to improve my technique. It is nobody’s fault but my own and I am working on it. But I maintain my initial thought that the judging of images is somewhat patchy. I had one rejection from Fotolia the other day that I felt compelled to challenge:

star chart

Dear Sir/Madam
I just had an image rejected because it was “the same” as one I had already uploaded. It was indeed similar, but it showed the north celestial pole rather than the south – completely different set of stars. This was clear in the title. People in the northern hemisphere will want the image you rejected. Can I ask you take another look at these two images please as I am sure the reviewer assumed they were identical when they are technically very different. If you accepted the southern hemisphere image then you will definitely make more sales from the northern hemisphere version.
Many thanks

And their response:

Thank you for your e-mail. All of your images and videos have been reviewed by our selection team. Please note that the selection team is a separate department, so we have no influence on their decision. The main criteria for validation or rejection are: the quality of the image/video, the technical requirements, the similarity to existing Fotolia photographs and the image’s/video’s sale potential. We know that it can be difficult to have an image or video rejected but please bear with us. We encourage you to continue uploading your images and videos.
Kind regards

Computer says no. ha ha, you have to laugh else this miscrostock game would drive you up the wall.


One comment

  1. You just can’t argue with someone in a different department! Or get any form of gratification from feeling that someone actually cares about your work 😉

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